Citing the TMDB!
The TMDB database is freely accessible from the URL of Use and re-distribution of the data, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes requires explicit permission of the authors and explicit acknowledgment of the source material (TMDB) and the original publication (see below). We ask that users who download significant portions of the database to cite the TMDB paper in any resulting publications.

Citation: Yue Y, Chu GX, Fu X, Yang T, Tang X, Luo FL, Ling TJ, Wang XG, Zhang ZZ, Xia T, Wan XC, Bao GH. TMDB: A literature-curated database for secondary metabolites found from tea. BMC Plant Biology 2014,14,XXX
Statistics:1473 compounds, more than 30000 total data entries; 618 NMR datasets (1H NMR 330; 13C NMR 288); 405 NMR spectra (1H NMR 233; 13C NMR 172)
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