About the TMDB!
The Tea Metabolome Database (TMDB) is a freely available electronic database containing detailed information about small molecula metabolites found in tea including from different parts of tea plant (such as the roots, shoots, leaves, pollen, flower buds, and seeds, etc.) and different tea products (green tea, oolong tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, dark tea, etc.). It is intended to be used for applications in tea metabolomics, new tea metabolites discovery and general education. The database is designed to contain or link chemical data. The database (version 1.0) contains 1450 metabolite entries. Each entry contains about 24 data fields with most of the information being devoted to chemical data. The TMDB database supports extensive text, chemical structure, NMR data and relational query searches. TMDB, a manually curated and web-accessible database, was developed to provide detailed, searchable descriptions of small molecular compounds found in Camellia spp. esp. in the plant Camellia sinensis and its manufactured products different kind of tea infusion. Clicking on the Browse menu header (on the TMDB navigation panel above) generates five choices of the TMDB's content (TMDB ID, Sources, Pathways, Latin name of tea species and compounds classification). This browse view allows users to casually scroll through the database or re-sort its contents. Clicking on the Search menu header (on the TMDB navigation panel above) generates name search(Entry Nmae, Synonyms, System Name),other search(including CAS RN,Formula, Reference, Publication Year, Pathway type)and 1D NMR query. Clicking on the chem query brings up detailed search through items such as CAS registry number, text including compound name, compound formula, tea taxonomy. Clicking on the 1D NMR query brings up the peak list search. The 1D NMR Searches allow users to submit peak lists from 1H or 13C NMR spectra (both pure and mixtures), respectively, and to have these spectra compared to the NMR libraries contained in the TMDB. This allows the identification of metabolites from mixtures via NMR spectroscopy. Clicking on a given TMDB ID brings up the full data content for the corresponding metabolite. The Downloads link provides links to collected images of 2D structure and NMR in the TMDB.
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